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Thousands of people in LA and Ventura Counties have lost their homes after the Woolsey & Hill Fires. Our community is in shock and we have come together to aid in the recovery.

Our organization has assembled our best and brightest industry experts in various disciplines to ensure local homeowners get good information from those who work in the building industry every day. Some of these members—who make up our “Emergency Response Task Force”—have lost homes themselves. Some lost in the Thomas Fire last year, and are familiar with this process. They decided to pool their resources together and compile best practices to offer help, guidance, and expertise wherever it can be utilized. Let us help you navigate this process.


Our first initiative is this website. We have included information, timetables and a flowchart that we believe can break up the process into manageable chunks. We are also planning a series of workshops for homeowners who must rebuild. They will be announced on this website as they are determined.


We’re here for you. Let us know how we can help.

Every city and County has it’s own procedures unique to them. The County of LA is working in conjunction with the cities of Calabasas, Agoura Hills, and Malibu to finalize building, waste removal and other permitting. Thus, some processes are still being decided. As soon as this information becomes available, we will post it here under the ‘LA County’ section.

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