Site Survey and Soils Investigation

1. Site Survey - Clarify what type of site surveying if any, CalRecycle will perform.  Ventura County will require a survey performed by a licensed California professional surveyor. This is necessary to clearly identify your property lines and the topographic features, trees, or structures on your property. It is critical for your architect or designer to have in order to design your home to current zoning and building regulations, as many of these regulations relate to your property line. Your contractor will use your survey to layout your site and new structures. Hillside lots will be required to get a Hillside Height Survey, also performed by a licensed California professional surveyor, to determine maximum allowable building height for your specific lot.


2. Soils investigation and report – a Geotechnical report is required for new construction and will provide information on your soils and make recommendations to the type and depth of required foundations. The soils investigation and report must be performed by a licensed geotechnical engineer.

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